Thursday, 29 August 2013

Working at M.E.P.

"I think this experience was really amazing and every one should do it once in their life. Working at M.E.P. gave me the opportunity not only to generally improve my theoretical knowledge, but also to grow as a person. When I first arrived here I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little afraid I wouldn’t fit in a team of so many people, but now I’m glad to say that among these people I foundsome good friends who I’m really sad to leave now. Working here gave me the possibility to interact with so many different people and, in doing so, I acquired more self-confidence and learnt how to trust myself more. Even if at the beginning I was shy with the groups, in the end I really enjoyed working with every single one of them and I think that the experience as a tour guide around Granada and other major Andalusian cities was really positive. I found particularly interesting discovering how a European project is created and now I’m even more sure that in the future I’d love to work in the international relations field. Living for the first time abroad, alone, in a city where most people didn’t speak my language has been amazing: I loved every single aspect of it and I’m looking forward to doing another experience like this. Working at M.E.P., with an international team, and having frequent contact with people from other countries, getting to know something more about their culture, was the “cherry on top of the cake”, as they say. I must say that by doing this internship I realised one of my dreams and I reached many goals I set myself: living abroad alone for a while, improving my language skills both in English and in Spanish, making new friends and gaining an important job experience. I’m grateful for this opportunity and for having met such great people."

(Elisa Torin, Italy)

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